Friday, 19 November 2010

Bad Poem Contains Swears

Oh fuck
The guilt
The shame
I came in here
Switched on the computer
A stack of books ten high
A pile of paper
A pen
‘I’ll just..’I said
And I chatted on line
And I did a bit of the wrong kind of work
And I perused
And I commented
And it was 18.26
But when it was 12.04
It was OK
Fuck, I’m a student nurse.
Not meant to say F, C or S.
Meant to be an organised angel
‘Arse’, OK?

Oh dear. Sorry about that. Yes, this is the reason I don’t write poetry
The procrastination fairy has been all teeth and claws today.


Graham said...

My interpretation as follows:

oh fuck, the fucking fucker's fucking fucked!

Dee's Diary said...

Still f'd I'm ashamed to say :-)

Emma said...

Haha, and I was reading your poem about procrastination instead of doing my essay... surely that makes me even worse? And no, you can't say any of those words EVER AGAIN! Instead you must say intercourse, vagina, faeces and anus. Most of which I find more unpleasant to hear than swear words...

Dee's Diary said...

'intercourse' bleugh :-))