Thursday, 3 January 2013

First Blog of 2013. Last year didn't get very many entries, maybe I'll do better this time.

The long break from Uni for Christmas is almost over. If I get a job as a nurse after I qualify it might be my last Christmas off for a few years. Naturally we didn't make the best of it, Nick and I were ill consecutively so the time passed unpleasantly. Our youngest was missing from the festivities too, so nothing felt like as much fun as usual. Ah well, I've thrown out the last of the smoked salmon (a holidays only treat in our house) so it's all over now.

This week I am working in the uni library on two assignments. For the first on complex care (this just means mental health needs plus one additional complicating factor) I'm focussing on learning disability. I had initially decided to stay away from the topic because to get a poor mark following a 20 year learning disability career would be humiliating. However, up against the deadline, I've succumbed and am enjoying writing it probably more than any other essay I've written. More and more, I'm considering going back to working with people with learning disabilities once I qualify. We shall see. Naturally I wished I hadn't left the writing so late.

In contrast, my next assignment is on the law and services for psychopath offenders. It seems unlikely that I would ever work with that client group. Never say never though.

Happy New Year

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