Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Acts for Today

If this was a proper diary, there might be a round-up of my day here. I used to do it that way, but I was getting bored with it, so I went all topic focussed. That generally works OK because I quite often obsess and move on, but mow I’m missing the round-up pages. I want to record that today I: overslept, learned how to give an orange an injection, bought H and I cheese pasties, found a mobile phone in the snow and rang the owner’s mum, read an e-book on asylum and cried a bit, talked to Nina on facebook about Christmas, listened to Frank Turner, Chris T-T and Billy Bragg on Spotify, roasted chicken and potatoes, finished off an on-line assignment, donated some money to Education for Choice and thought of Elsie, read some blogs including lovely Richard Herring's, remembered World Aids Day and forgot to call the GP surgery for H.
I think that’s quite a mixed bag. I’m not sure what kind of a snapshot of my life it is. I don’t even remember yesterday, so it may have to act as a memento of the year. It certainly picks up of some of the 2010 themes quite nicely.
Coming back to the topic approach, I want to write a bit about the nursing. I’m still a bit scared of putting the wrong thing and getting into trouble though. Uni is taking up more of my time and attention these days, and if I get through the three years to qualification it’ll seem a shame not to have written anything about it. What to do? You will tell me if I go too far won’t you? I’m not even sure that student nurse blogs will be any more interesting than quilting ones. Probably better than that cringe-worthy poem the other day though.
The uncontroversial student scoops are that injecting an orange with water is unsurprisingly easy (they keep still and don’t complain at all), whereas taking blood-pressure is harder than filleting plaice was 25 years ago in a former life but might be a bit more important to get right.

UPDATE: the man who lost the phone came round and gave us £20 which we’ll give to the homeless sanctuary seekers. The love is spreading.


liz said...

I too get confused as to whether I should blog by subject or blog about my day.

I enjoy your writing Dee - it's good to have an insight into other people's lives. x

Anonymous said...

that is nice you gave the £20 to the peace house

Dee's Diary said...

Thank you, both x